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Fire Chief Shain Duda

Fire Chief Shain Duda

Summer is here, high heat, dry conditions, no Day time Burning with out a Burn Permit.

Dont Drink and Drive.

Fire Smart your property. More and more Canadians are working at protecting their homes from fires.  

FireSmart Canada has some great tips to get started, fire safety starts with you.  

Go to www.firesmartcanada.ca for more information, or contact us at 705-286-1202

Cleaning up the yard after the winter snow means uncovering items from last year that were covered over by the winter blanket of snow and ice.  As we clean up and collect the pile of debris such as branches, leaves and sticks, the need to reduce the pile becomes a necessity.  Starting April 1 through to Oct 31 fire restrictions are in effect.  Burn permits for burning this debris from 07:00 AM till 07:00 PM are required.  Burn permits can be requested from the fire department - call 705-286-1202.  

Fires cannot exceed 2 meters in diameter at any time, all year long, night and day.

All fire must be attended to by an adult at all times, and equipment or means to extinguish the fire must be immediately available.  

Burn permits are available from the Fire Department - $50.00 fee for the entire season.

Contact us for more information. 

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